Regulation 射場のルール

Priority 1

  • Under no circumstances should you draw your bow*1 at or towards a person. This applies even if you do not have an arrow nocked or do not have arrows on your person.
  • Do not enter the personal space of an archer while they drawing their bow.
  • Do not touch another person’s equipment without permission. *2
  • Do not enter the arrow path/ shooting area where arrows fly at any time during a shooting session.
  • Never touch a person or their equipment while shooting. *3
  • Do not draw in such a way that the arrow points in a direction other than the target at the draw.
  • Do not take multiple shooting positions when shooting at targets at different distances.*4
  • Obey the instructions of the supervisor.

*1 Drawing the bow at a person means that the person is within 45 degrees to the left or right of the direction the arrow is (or may be) aimed at.

*2 During arrow collection: Pulling out another person’s arrow without permission is a violation of this rule.

*3 You have an arrow pointed at you or at someone else. 3 This does not apply in the case of an emergency, such as when an arrow is pointed at you or at someone else.

4*When a archer is aiming at a target at a different distance, such as 28m, 30m, 15m, etc., the archer must respond by shifting the position of the target.

Priority 2

  • Do not give technical instruction to others without permission*3 (If you have obtained permission from both you and your instructor/sensei then it is permitted. (Also, if there is a violation of the rules of Priority 1, warning the person is not technical guidance, so this does not apply.)
  • Do not peek at another person’s arrow glue from behind without permission.
  • Do not insult or make derogatory comments about another person’s equipment or shooting style.
  • Do not aim at a target where another person’s arrow is already stuck there without the permission of the arrow’s owner.
  • Do not aim at a target where another person’s arrow is stuck without the permission of the arrow’s owner.
  • Wear clothing that will not snag on the bow string. No buttons, zippers, right ear piercings, wristwatches etc.

*3 If you are asked to give only facts, it is not considered as technical instruction. For example, when a player is asked to look at the arrow, and the player tells the player that only one target is behind the arrow, the player is not allowed to tell the player what to do. This is permitted. This is permitted. If it is difficult to judge, please ask the manager’s permission in advance.

Priority 3

  • Please refrain from asking other about their kyudo Federation dan ranking or other private information. Please refrain from telling others about your dan rank too.
  • When a board or arrowhead becomes buried in the tatami, please mark the spot with permanent marker.

If you witness any violation of the above rules on the range, you must inform the manager. 

If there is imminent danger, you must warn the person or persons on the spot, for example by saying, “Danger! Stop!” or by using similar words of warning.

If any of the above rules are violated, you may (at the discretion of the management  and the archery range) be immediately ejected from the premises, denied future use, or reported to the police. 

In this case, the entrance and usage fees will not be refunded.

At this archery range, people who will perform arrow collection must go straight to the target through the arrow path, take only their own arrows, and return straight to the shooting position or to the main seat. Please do not pull out other people’s arrows without permission.

Concept of the rules

No prohibitions without reason.

Clear rules to respect other cultures and not rely on common sense or tacit understanding


  • いかなる場合も人に向けて弓を引い*1てはいけません。矢を番えていなくても同様です。
  • いかなる場合も人が引いている前に入ってはいけません。
  • 他人の道具に無断で触ってはいけません。*2
  • 行射中はいかなる場合も矢道に立ち入ってはいけません。
  • 行射中の人や弓具に触れることはいけません。*3
  • 引き分け時に矢が的以外の方向を向くような引き方はいけません。
  • 異なる距離の的を射る時に複数の射位を設けてはいけません。*4
  • 管理者の指示に従う事

*1 人に向けて弓を引いている状態とは、矢が向いている(であろう)方向に対して左右45度の内側に人がいる場合に取りかけをしている状態のことを指します。

*2 他人の矢を勝手に抜く行為はこれの違反になります。

*3 矢を向けられている。または人に矢を向けているなど緊急性のある場合はこの限りではありません。

*4 28m、30m、15mなど異なる距離の的を狙う人が要る場合、的の位置をずらすことによって対応すること。


  • 他人に勝手に技術指導はいけません*3(本人かつ本人の師匠双方に予め許可を得ている場合は勝手な指導ではありません。また、優先度1のルール違反があった場合にこれを注意する行為は技術指導ではありませんのでこの限りではありません)
  • 許可なく他人の矢のりを後ろから覗いてはいけません。
  • 他人の道具および射形を侮辱はいけません。
  • 他人の矢が刺さっている的を矢の持ち主の許可なく狙ってはいけません。
  • 服装は弦が引っかからない様な物でなければいけません。ボタンやジッパー、右耳のピアスなどがあってはいけません。

*3 本人から依頼され、事実のみを伝える行為は技術指導にあたりません。例えば矢のりを見てくださいと本人に頼まれ、的一つだけ後ろについているよ。とだけ教える行為。これは許可されます。判断が難しい場合はあらかじめ管理人の許可を得てください。


  • 射場の敷地内において弓道連盟の段位称号を名乗ったり人に聞いたりしてはいけません。
  • 板付、鏃が畳に埋もれた時は油性ペンで印をつけてください